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Surviving Caramoan

My adventurous spirit managed to convince and invite a group of friends to go on a road trip adventure last August 2014. Originally, the plan was to go to Ilocos, only to find out that majority of them have been there before. Jaime then suggested that we go to Caramoan instead, and so we did.

And what a fun weekend that was! So without further ado, let me share to you our adventures to the southern tip of Luzon!

A little history first…

Caramoan was first called as Guta de Leche by Dutch travelers frequenting the peninsula, the name dervied from the milk drop stalagmites found among the rocks of Gata Port. Later, the Spaniards called it Caraha — referring to the sea turtles abundant along the beach sores. It was later renamed to what to what is called today as Caramoan in 1687 by Spanish friar Francisco Dela Cruz Y Oropesa.

I found that little snippet of information on the tarpaulin posted outside the souvenir store we went to on our last day. Though it wasn’t explained why the friar changed the name of the place, I have to say that ‘Caramoan’ does sound better than its prevous names.

Also, thanks to the hit American reality television, Survivor, the island became one of the Philippines’ popular travel destination. Unlike Boracay and El Nido, however, Caramoan is incredibly far (literally!) from commercialization. In fact, the place we stayed into was a proof of that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a no-fuss girl but I will not deny the fact that when you live in Manila, you’re accustomed to little luxuries that majority of provinces don’t have access to. So when we saw our accommodation, especially on our second night, we can’t help but feel a bit taken aback. Luckily, we’re not a high maintenance bunch, so it was all cool.


My blockmates and friends, Pedallion (or Pao) and Jenzo


Shameless plug: For music lovers out there, who are in dire need of equipment or accessories, check out Pedallion.

CaramoanOne of my closest guy friends since college, JaimeCaramoanAnd my vibrant green hair having a life of its own, lol! CaramoanAnother blockmate, Emil aka TanchiCaramoan
I also invited Cariza and Anna to join usCaramoan
Spotted: Mermaid on land! :p
Oh, and how can I forget my goofy boyfriend? 
Caramoan (iPhone 5)


Sometimes, when I travel, I don’t keep track of everything. I allow myself to savor the moment; of being in the now. But Anna, who really did her research, shared a very informative post of our trip. So I’ll be asking you to head over there if you want more details. :)

Another thing is that this is the only trip I didn’t know or managed the itinerary. Everything was arranged by another friend, who is a travel agent. She gave us a rate of PHP 5,000/pax, which I thought was pretty expensive for the type of accommodation we received BUT it covered everything we needed — a private van from Manila to Sabang Port, boat transfer to Guijalo Port, Caramoan’s tourism fee, 3D/2N accommodation with meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and island hopping tour.

I highly suggest you, like what I do in most of my travels, is to thoroughly do your research for Caramoan tour packages. A lot of tours ranges from PHP2,500-3,500/pax. Caramoan is unbelievably affordable compared to other beaches in the Philippines. This guy even managed to spend onlyPHP2,580 for a 2D/1N escapade with his friends! Overall, the rate we paid for is expensive but the memories we’ve made during this trip was priceless in epic proportions.

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    January 20, 2015 at 10:32 AM

    If I, you, Anna, and Cariza were in a queue arranged by height (ascending), that would be the exact order. We’d look like a cute flight of stairs! :)))

    Anyway, Caramoan is one of the places in my bucketlist! I’m still not sure when I’ll be able to go there, but definitely not that far into the future! Also, when I don’t manage the itinerary of the trip, I don’t remember the details like cost and stuff, but I do remember the experience. I think the only time I get to prepare the itinerary is when I travel solo. My boyfriend usually does the dirty work when we travel with a group. :P But I’ll surely come back to your posts when I go to Caramoan! And when I go to places you’ve been to already! :)
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  • Reply
    January 22, 2015 at 12:12 AM

    I’m staring at one of or group photos and I’m wondering why me and Cariza nakatip toe eh halata naman sa pic. FML. Haha! This was a fun outing. :)
    Anna latest blog post: Five Reasons Why Should You Give Cheaper Accommodations a TryMy Profile

  • Reply
    January 26, 2015 at 1:54 PM

    OMG CARAMOAN! That island is so underrated! I’ve heard of its beauty through a friend of mine before who worked on Survivor America as one of the camera crew. Anyhow, It’s something that I have to look forward for when I get back to PH–great photos too by the way! You’re making me miss the beach… like a LOT.
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