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Fate Led Me To Indonesia | #TripOfWonders

Words often escape me whenever I have fallen deeply in love with a particular country or city, and this seems to be the case with Indonesia. Instead of the typical what to see/what to do post, I have decided just to write a story of fate and how it led me to fall in love with the ever so Wonderful Indonesia.

Earlier this year, I moved to London to pursue my first love: graphic design. The work was stressful, but it was the best three months of my life. I’d spend my weekends and evenings exploring the city and one sunny Sunday, after a long walk along the River Thames, I stumbled upon a weekend fair of some sort. It was a cultural festival about Indonesia. I have never been to Indonesia, and I thought this is an excellent opportunity to know more about our neighboring country. I remember entering a small tent, with lots of items you would typically see in their country—batik art, pottery, and Indonesian art. There was also a large TV that was showcasing the different sights that one could visit in Indonesia. While I was standing there, watching the video, I was pondering why I never bothered to visit Indonesia it looks like an amazing country. Then a girl, who I think works for the Ministry of Indonesia, approached me and asked if she could interview me about the event. I happily accepted her request and told her that I have never been to their country, but their festival is enticing me to go. I told her that maybe if time and money permits, I’ll go to Indonesia this year.

“How is that fate, Kisty?” you ask.

It’s fate because I stumbled upon that festival by chance. It’s fate because I have no immediate plans to visit Indonesia, yet on the week of my birthday, I was in Bali, celebrating life at the Uluwatu Temple. Okay, maybe it’s not fate. Maybe it’s just sheer luck. Whatever it is, my seven-day trip to Indonesia is one of the best adventures I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to share in full detail why Indonesia is a fascinating and diverse country that deserves your attention.

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